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Welcome to DICE Labs ...

DICE Labs is a selection of non-production services which are made available for use on a non-supported basis, more details are available in the original proposal. Anyone within the School of Informatics is welcome to add services to this list - we'd just ask that you read the notes for service managers before doing so.

The Services

The following services are currently available. Clicking on the service name will take you to that service, clicking on its description will provide more details where available...


Service Description Owner
Blogging System Wordpress MU based multi user blogging system

Simon Wilkinson & Stephen Quinney

 Jabber Jabber/ XMPP Instant Messaging and conferencing Simon Wilkinson 
 Git and Gerrit Git hosting, and gerrit web-based code review Simon Wilkinson 
iVouch OpenID identity provider Simon Wilkinson
iTalk Web Interface to our Jabber system Simon Wilkinson
Collaborative LaTeX Document Repository
Tim Colles
Social Networking with Cosign/iFriend Support
Tim Colles
Adobe Connect
Adobe Connect Web Browser Video Conferencing
Tim Colles

The Small Print


If you're thinking of using one of these services, please do so bearing in mind the following two principles:

Be considerate
These are not production services, and support for them will not be available through normal channels. They're being maintained by the owners in either their limited spare or personal development time. Please bear this in mind when making requests, and remember that a service that proves too much trouble may simply be discontinued. 
Be aware
Different DICE Labs systems will have different levels of integration and backups. Please consider what the service provider says about the service, particularly before investing your data in it. In particular, consider what they say about their exit strategy. Make informed decisions  




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